Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Furious Torrent of Bullshit: Supreme Bricks & Front Wheel Drive Mercedes

Lovers of brands and forced lifestyle imagery everywhere rejoiced late last month when hype purveyors, Supreme, released a brand new gimmick promising to fill a gaping hole in their shallow, reflectionless souls.

A new, inexplicably expensive hat/shirt/pair of sneakers with a logo? $50 palm tree socks? An ugly, overpriced sweater endowing its end user with an inflated sense of self worth? Fuckin jorts?

Nope, a brick. A $30, red clay brick. Identical in every way (excluding a value-adding logo) to the type I just overpaid for at 50 cents a pop. $30 worth would have nearly filled my little pickup to capacity.

Yep, thousands of very cool and 100% self-assured people stood in lines for hours to snag their bricks this past September 29th, many of whom left unfulfilled and even sadder when stocks sold out almost immediately.

Then they all hopped in their brand-new Mercedes CLA's and drove home to read up on what everybody else thinks is worthy of their money, passion and finite life force.

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